SLEEP by Max Richter

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“I have never heard anyone say, “Oh, things are just getting so much slower”. Everything is always up. It is moving forward that’s how life works, things just speed up.”

Max Richter

Sleep is an eight-hour lullaby by contemporary composer and pianist Max Richter. He sees this piece as his personal lullaby for a frenetic world - a manifesto for a slower pace of existence and personal exploration into how music interacts with consciousness. 

Max Richter and his creative partner, artist and BAFTA winning filmmaker Yulia Mahr navigated an ambitious performance of his celebrated 8-hour opus SLEEP with 560-bed in Los Angeles’ Grand Park in 2018. Audiences were invited to fall asleep, stay awake, tune in, tune out, and – presumably – traipse back and forth to the loos at 4am.

You can watch this extraordinary performance's documentary on MUBI.