Beyond the common eco myths : insights of an envirenmental engineer

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From the beginning of my environmental engineering education, I have been trying to look at the roots of our systemic challenges and to understand how we can go beyond the common “eco” myths and green framing.

Sustainability is no longer just a “strategy”, it is a mindset (see Sustainability Beyond Standard Frames) to make better decisions in order to reduce impacts of our actions. I believe regardless of being an individual, a company or a government, every part of the society has a huge role to play to turn the crisis into a meaningful change. Particularly during this unprecedented times people have unterstood the reality of it and our well-being is irrevocably intertwined with the rest of nature.

As a consequence of this, there is real shift in the generations in terms of taking action to protect environment, expecting an honest communication and prioritising their personal values. This is “a new era of consumers will demand nothing less”. And also one of the biggest elements that’s come out of the researches in the last few years is the focus on purpose. A 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study found that 88% of people were more likely to buy a product from a company that was demonstrably purpose-driven, with 79% saying they would be more likely to be loyal it.

As consumer behaviours are reshaping by overarching concerns, on the other hand the concept of “consumption” itself is being criticised increasingly. We simply know that addictive consumerism and commodification will not allow us stay in our planetary boundries and avoid catastrophes. With this point of view, degrowth movement offers an “another” path which consumes less natural resource and promoting strategies to show that prosperity without growth is possible.

Currently, I have been reading inspiring Degrowth: A Vocabulary For A New Era and I think this quote is so accurate to grasp the idea of the movement;

“The call of degrowth is not to do less of the same. The goal is not to make elephant thin, but to turn it into a snail.”

To sum up, we have new posibilites to solve our antropogenic problems and to take care of our home. Personally and professionally, I strive to be a part of this life affirming journey in order to make them happen, luckily togerher with creative, like-minded BluLetters community.

About Ezgi YEL

With the inception of environmental engineering background, I built my career ambitiously on sustainability which is shaped by my personal mindset. I am strongly passionate about sustainable conscious, circular concepts and creating positive impact through these approaches. I am also an enthusiastic researcher in order to create effective sustainability communication.