Hope: mini #photostory

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How would you describe hope?

This photography project brought “hope” to me during the pandemic. I have tried to look at the neighborhood where I live from a completely different perspective. I was feeling overwhelmed by the concrete jungle until I have realized that I can find happiness within the chaos. 

How would you describe hope? Is it a cloudy rainy day, or a nice warm sunny day? Do you associate it with a human or an animal? Is it a song? 

To me, it is the color green. Whenever I see trees, smell flowers, or walk past a green neighborhood, it gives me hope. I don’t have an explanation for it, neither do you need to. In this concrete world, nature gives me butterflies is the only explanation. We are so used to see tall buildings and busy streets but when you change your perception, when you try to see the nature within the crowd, the reflection of the clouds from the skyscraper’s surface and those little plants will give you hope. I choose to see the green, and I always find myself in places where I can breathe in the oxygen.

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” - Christopher Reeve

About Yasemin Yıldırım

Yasemin has a passion for sustainability, traveling, being around nature, designing and taking photographs. Her interest in sustainability comes from her love of sailing and her family values.

She is an Istanbul based, content creator and social media assistant, knowledgable about viral content techniques and sustainability.

She holds a double degree in Business Administration and Media & Visual Arts from Koç University. Listed in Dean's Honor Roll for high academic success. Awarded with Vehbi Koç Scholar two times for excellent academic success. During her academic life, she had the opportunity to experience different countries and worked on various international projects thus, it adds a multi-cultural perspective to her works.