We are happy to announce our collaboration as BluProjects X Istanbul 74.

Our paths crossed when BluProjects joined us as a collaborative partner for “Flags For Future”, a set of artist flags made from upcycled plastic material, in effort to try and create change. We realized that we share sustainability mindsets within a multidisciplinary framework and decided to team up to inspire positive impact-focused solutions.

Sustainability is a mindset, not just a fleeting concept. 

While endorsing community interaction, BluProjects x ‘74STUDIO collaborations will provide new approaches of comprehending and inquiring about the world, fostering changes to communicate how we think, act and work together for a better future ahead. Also, we have launched a new ‘74PODCAST Series, “Sustainability as a Mindset”, hosted by Sinem Çelik, on exploring various outlooks within a multidisciplinary framework to perceive our world through a sustainability mindset.