“Sustainability as a Mindset” – Episode#2: Sinem Çelik in conversation with Tuna Özçuhadar

In the second episode of ’74PODCAST Series “Sustainability as a Mindset”, designer, systems-thinker, and Co-Organizer of Sustainable Living Film Festival Tuna Özçuhadar talks to Sinem Çelik about repurposing waste as an input for designs and new services, the responsibility of designers, and the importance of systems thinking. Defining “sustainability” as a problem-solving approach for complex systems, the podcast draws attention to the need for creating more awareness while utilizing creative local solutions to inspire individual action for a better planet.

"Sustainability as a Mindset - Episode#1: Sinem Çelik in conversation with Sue Barret

In the first episode of the new ’74PODCAST Series “Sustainability as a Mindset”, creative strategist and advisor Sue Barrett talks to Sinem Çelik about making business and life choices towards sustainability, and the mind shift that upholds vulnerability and empathy over statistics. Çelik and Barrett discuss the definition of sustainability beyond the limits of the buzzword as well as positivity and self-care as forms of creating change.